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Its payback time

I used to be scared of homophobic people because I never wanted to part away from my family. But they did. Their hate separated me from my family. My family built a reputation in the society for themselves and they feared my identity will ruin that. They did try to do that and I had to move away from them. Then I started feeling pity for them thinking how much time they spend in breaking me down instead of building themselves up. Even then I always feared that their hate will only spread more hate. Guess what? I was right. They have created one more hater, me.

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To haters of Barkha Dutt

I was just going through a post about how people are constantly harassing Barkha Dutt, a well known reporter of India, by abusing her on social media. Here’s a response to all you disrespectful worthless creatures. Continue reading To haters of Barkha Dutt