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Religions are man made

There has been so much of religious debate going on after media started asking for ban on Zakir Naik for spreading hate and supporting terrorism. Here’s the thing, I don’t see what good it will do instead of creating more intolerance, which has already started. Zakir Naik is preaching Quran or what he perceives from Quran. I do not support his views but I don’t think putting a ban on him is any good idea.

But here’s something, you get what you give. You call me a sinner, I call you hateful blind bigoted follower. Your religious sentiments get hurt because I think your religion has taught you hate? My spiritual sentiment also gets hurt when you call me sinner even though I’m fighting to save humanity amongst humans and mind you, I’m doing that every single day unlike you, all you so called religious people, who come preaching your ideologies only when you find it convenient. 

If God above would really want you to do something to please him, it will be to bring humanity back to humans, not preaching others how your religion is superior. Guess what has led to several wars in the world? Religious differences. 

There’s only one God and if He’s really there, He will never want or rather would have created so many religions across the world. If He wanted everyone to follow Him, He would have kept one religion across the world. (Please try using your brain for logic instead of getting hyper thinking I’m here to hurt your religious sentiments).

Moving on, if He is one, then where did these several religions come from? Why did God allow several religions to be created in the first place? Doesn’t that make you feel even a bit that it maybe the work of humans to control a set of humans and follow their ideologies by telling that others are hollow and showing them the weak points of the other religions? And how did religion end up having a weak points if those have been given by God himself? Was God not aware of the weak points? If He was not, then was God flawed? If He was, was He God or a human?

I was watching Zakir’s video where a man asks him what should a person do if his child converts to another religion? Zakir gave a response quoting Quran about Noah’s ark where Noah’s son was not saved by the God even though Noah had prayed to the Lord to save him just because he left Islam. He tells, Lord said, only Islam is the true religion and if your son leaves Islam, he is no longer your son (in faith).

Here’s a funny thing I had been thinking about. When did this Noah’s ark incident has actually happened? Was it before the creation of humanity or was it after? If it was before the creation of humanity, then shouldn’t Islam have existed from the very beginning of the creation? Shouldn’t Islam be the first ever religion that came into existence if Lord didn’t save no Noah’s son for leaving Islam? Why do we hear about Islam coming into existence since 610AD while many other religions have existed much before that?

Let’s consider the part where the incident had happened after the existence of humanity. If that was the case, then how come other religions still existed while the only humans who were saved were Muslims or the ones who followed Islam? Shouldn’t all other religions have been wiped out? 

(Again I’m not trying to pick up on Islam alone because similar stories are told in other Abrahamic religions as well and my intent is to make people use brain and logic behind everything. I am not asking for anyone to convert because you live in a free world and I believe in mutual coexistence. After all, religions are supposed to bring you closer to other humans and not create differences, if they are actually based on giving humans a spiritual experience and ecstacy.)

Ask yourself a question, do you think your religion is the best? What’s the reason? Zakir Naik says, Islam has strict laws against crimes but no other religion does. Let me tell you, in Hinduism, no one, not even women were told how to have “decency” by telling them what they should wear. The only thing that was there was no one should hurt or harm others and without consent of the other, you were not allowed to get even closer or dishonor their dignity (I’m not promoting Hinduism but I know Hinduism as I was born Hindu and I have read many scriptures.)

Here’s an example that was set by Krishna to show what can happen if you dishonor women. In Mahabharata, the whole of Kaurava clan was killed, not just for dishonoring a woman but also for being a part of that shameless act. It was to show what happens when you dishonor or be a part or be a silent spectator of such an act.

Zakir Naik says, when Islam says a rapist should get death penalty, everyone calls them barbaric but if you ask non Muslim people what they think is the right punishment if their women go through it, they all want rapists to be dead. Then they forget they are being barbaric. Let me remind you of what everyone in the country demanded for the rapists of Nirbhaya incident. Everyone asked those men to have death penalty or even worse.

We all are humans and only we can think of death penalty for such crimes because it boils our blood. The laws that have been laid down in any of the religious books have been written down by humans because this is what all humans feel is justified for such heinous crime. If there is one God, then there exists one religion and Islam is not the one. (Here’s a hint about what should be the only religion, humanity.) Its existence came in the world in recent history. Most of the religions have existed even before Islam came in.

Neither previous religions have had any such adverse or bad effect on the society, nor Islam had miraculous effect on humans after it came into existence. Humans used to live  happily earlier as well, they live happily still as well, with or without any religion. There were crimes and punishments earlier as well, there are crimes and punishments today as well, be it religiously guided punishments or not.

The only thing that has happened with such religious differences are wars and deaths of several innocents because two religious fundamentalists just don’t want to accept the fact that, without following each other’s religions, they can still live a blessed life and want to push each other’s religion on others as a better religion. The God above will not fight with himself that my Islam is better or my Christianity is better or my Hinduism is better or any other religion is better. It is us, humans, fundamentalists, who just can’t keep our religion to ourselves and wish to push down our religion as the best on others.

If religion has existed, it is because humans found things lacking in other religions and wanted to make a better life for others so they came up with their “better version” of other religion. That is why, you’ll see all religions overlap at various points. They are all derived or inspired from others to create a better version for humans but every religion ended up lacking one thing, allow every human to live peacefully as they want. And you know the reason why? Because everyone wants to control more humans and follow their religion because they think this is best while that may or may not be the case.

With that, I put my pen down. I believe in mutually coexisting peacefully and with happiness. I believe in enjoying the diversity. I am 23 and no religion has guided me to become this wise. I learnt it from life. Trust me, you won’t need religion to guide you if you just use your brain to understand where you should stop yourself and what is good for you and not bad for others.

Thanks for reading.