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Six months and six days

I have completed six months and six days today (13-08-15) in Bombay. I just cannot believe that I have lived for so long, away from my family, on my own. It was one hell of a journey till now and I see a life ahead of me. I have come so far and still so far to go. Continue reading Six months and six days

I am happy

I don’t know why or how or when or who did this to me. I don’t know if this will last forever or will this even stay for a few days. You know what? I don’t really care for future. I don’t really want to think about it. I just know that I got a smile after a long time on my face. It came to me out of of contentment, out of satisfaction that I will do something and make my life better in any which way. Continue reading I am happy

Last Tears

Is it worth crying? What will you get? Any solution? No. No, it never solved anything. Yet you cry; cry your heart out. It helps your heart feel less burdened. You see things. You see them clearly. You see where you are. You notice. You notice every details. You notice the unseen. You see beyond what your eyes can see. Continue reading Last Tears