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I am my creator

Walking down the dark alley, in the middle of the night, all alone by himself, he lit up his cigarette. A thought crossed his mind, “What am I doing?”

Since childhood, he had seen so many things that he was more mature than many elder to him. He was 20 but his wisdom could stun anyone double his age. But was that wisdom enough? He often wondered about life, love, family, relationships, et al. Yet he knew that he was incomplete. Continue reading I am my creator

Smudged liner

I put on some liner around my eyes, got dressed up for a party, walked in alone. People came in. Everybody danced till their hearts were satisfied. I saw a guy. He was cute. I was not able to decide what to do.

I wanted to tell him how beautiful his eye were, how rosy his lips were. I wanted to tell him how different he was from the crowd. I wanted to tell him how his eyes have got me looking into those without a blink. Wish I had the courage to walk up to him and tell him that I wish to steal one kiss from him and find my solace. Wish I had the courage to tell him that I want to stay right here looking at him forever. Continue reading Smudged liner

A book now closed

Once there was a guy. He was an open book. His emotions, his feelings, his thoughts, his point of views, everything was as it was in the heart. He never hesitated in sharing any kind of emotion, whether it was happiness or sadness, regardless of who the person is, whether a close friend or a newly made friend. The only thing you needed to do was to ask. Continue reading A book now closed