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For the ones fighting their demons.

Hey you! Yes you, the one reading this post. I don’t know how much of troubles you go through each day. I don’t know how much demons hide within you that eat you inside and make you feel empty. I don’t know how many tears you have held back to show a smile to the world. But just know that you are beautiful. Continue reading For the ones fighting their demons.

Ode to Bombay

Its a trap
Wait, don’t take another step
Its addiction
The pain, the struggle and the web.

You come here
And you think
You think its not forever
But once you taste the poison
Oh you know
This poison tastes much better.

The life will be chaos
The chaos will become your life
The nights and days
The joys and pain
The struggle will give you peace of mind.

Few months down
And you’d want to run away
But I told you its a trap
You can’t find a way.

Even if you do
The peace will come to haunt
This struggle and the chaos
You’ll miss it when you’re gone.

For you know
The struggle taught you
The survival is tough
For you know
The chaos taught you
The life is rough

Not that only chaos is left
When you’re broken and hurt
You’ve sea breeze and sunset
The sand under your feet
And the food on the street
That’s all you’ll need
And there you’ll find your peace.

And when you’re happy
You can do so much
Party with the friends
Or just go for late night munch.

There’s a life in this city
With darkness and light
You can’t live in this city maybe
But you certainly cannot live without.

Stop being loud

“Its ok man. Your sexuality is just a part of you. Its not what defines who you are. You are more than your sexuality. Why the hell do you have to be so loud about your sexuality? Why do you have to make a big fuss out of it? Why do you need a pride parade to show off your sexuality? Why do you guys have to dress up in weird ways for such things? We straight people don’t have straight pride or anything like that. Because we know that our sexuality is not what defines us. You guys should understand that.”

Continue reading Stop being loud

Which path to go?

One thing my family always taught me is honesty. Even though I rarely lie but I lied to my own family about my sexuality for a long time. Maybe because I wasn’t sure or maybe because I was in denial. But as soon as I learned to live with my own self, my family got to know about my inclinations. Continue reading Which path to go?